Your Name Isn’t Cinderella


My sister and I both had chores when we were younger. Our main chore was to keep our rooms cleaned. Mommy was very particular about how things were cleaned.  So, if we cleaned she would come behind us and clean it again.

We never had a dishwasher when we were growing up.  We were the dishwashers.  Today I wash dishes the good old fashion way and don’t use my dishwasher.  This just seems natural to me.  I will use the dishwasher when I am entertaining at my home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Harrison and Sydney have chores.  Lately, Harrison has been doing things around the house without me asking.  I think it was because one day I went around the house with a garbage picking up things on the floor on the eve of garbage pick-up.

Sydney has her chores listed on her schedule.  One day she forgot to do her chores.  I reminded her to check her schedule and she ran upstairs. When she came back down she was dressed in her favorite dress. She went to the closet to get the broom, dustpan, and swifter to mop the kitchen floor.

I was watching her and she looked at me and called me the evil stepmother.  I tried not to laugh.  Next, she broke out in a musical performance of Cinderella.  After about five minutes I had to remind her that her name was not Cinderella.

I helped her with the dustpan.  And she continued cleaning reciting scenes from Cinderella.  It was great to hear her make the connection from the movie.  Then she told me she had to go find her prince and get married.  This led to another costume change.  In the end the chores were completed,  and we laughed as usual.

Do you pay your children for doing chores? Or are you the evil stepmother like me?




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