And That’s Why We Watch SVU


If you know me, I don’t need much to make me happy. Give me my favorite leggings with the hole in the knee, my favorite t-shirt, a cozy blanket and Law and Order.

I am a fan of the original Law and Order. But I have learned to love Criminal Intent and SVU. Secretly I want to be Olivia Benson, but without the gun. I’ve seen all of the episodes and watch them over and over like I’ve never seen them before.

Yesterday I was watching SVU and Harrison came in my room to ask me a question. He noticed I was watching my favorite show. We talked a bit and the word consent and rape were mentioned on the show. Harrison immediately said he would come back later. I couldn’t let him go. This was my introduction to talk with him. We’ve had “the talk” or maybe I just gave him the book to read. It’s all a daze sometimes.

I had the talk again. This time I was more in-depth. Harrison was turning red, so I knew I was doing a good job. He told me what rape and consent both mean. I asked if he wanted to talk his dad or my dad. He told me he would rather hear it from me.

After I knew that he had the basics. I had to take it a step further.  I wanted Harrison to know that everything he does on the internet does not go away.  All it takes is one time to try drugs or pills and you can get addicted.  Then I told him he would lose his family and end up homeless on the street or in jail.  Was I too harsh? Maybe, but he needed to know.  I explained to him that he does not need to put himself in a situation where someone could accuse him of rape.  I told him he will be on the child pedophile list and go to jail. Harsh again but I needed to drive the point home.

He asked me if I ever tried drugs and I told him no.  He questioned me and said “not even marijuana.”  I told him no, not even weed because the smell makes me gag.  I told him when I was younger and in college if someone was using drugs that was my cue to leave. He asked me if wine was a drug? To be continued.

Was this conversation easy? No. Will he come to me if he has more questions? I hope so.  Can I shield him from everything?  Especially, those fast tail girls as my Grandma would call them.  Probably not.  All I can do is pray for him.

Jesus Take The Wheel! Thanks SVU for the introduction.

2 thoughts on “And That’s Why We Watch SVU

  1. aaah…the talk or perhaps just one of the talks. I don’t remember when my sons and their dad had ‘that talk’ but I do remember teaching them what to do and say when they got pulled over by a cop!


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