They Call Me Mama Bear



At work they call me Mama Bear.  Yes, I am the oldest on my second grade team.  Sometimes Mama Bear has to step in and make a decision.  It started as a joke one day and the name stuck with me.  I think I am in Mama Bear mode all of the time, being a single mom.  There are times when I turn into Mama Bear with a little grizzly on the side.  This happens when I have to advocate for my children or if my children are being bullied.  Sometimes I have to “Pull a Sydney” as Harrison calls it. That’s another blog.

I like to help people. I don’t always have the answers but I will listen to others if they need a listening ear.  Some people just need to vent and they don’t want my advice.  Some people ask me what I would do in their situation. Sometimes people just want me help them find their “go to scripture” to read when they feel lonely.

I think about the people in my life that were shoulders for me to cry on. People that offered to help me prepare to move to Delaware and stood with me during my divorce.  Every person needs a Mama Bear. Take a close look, you just might be The Mama Bear that someone else needs.

And remember Mama Bear is always right!

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