I Can’t See The Finish Line



Well, I started the race without being physically or mentally prepared.  I must say that I started off strong. I was fueled by anger and disappointment. My feet seemed to glide around the track and then it happened.  Reality set in. This was a race that would take a woman years to prepare for.  When I took a moment to stop and think, it all became clear.  God was preparing me for this race years ago, but I just didn’t see it yet.

You should know by now that the race I was running was called LIFE! I have always been on my own since my family moved to Delaware over twenty years ago.  Having the courage for me to do that was huge. Everyone that knows me, knows that our family bond is strong.  I still had the support of my other family in Michigan, so I knew I would be fine.

And I was fine.  Mental strength was the reason I made it to finish line.  My faith and the grace of God are the reason I am still standing. When I realized that life was shifting.  I had to prepare. Our team was being dismantled.  Rob left our team but Harrison and Sydney were still with me.  Their faces, their smiles gave me the fuel I needed to keep running.  Did I want to quit? Did I want to yell and scream that this is not fair? Was I scared out of my mind? Yes, yes, and yes.

Some of us are facing the biggest races of our lives right now.  You are being asked to run a race that you are not comfortable running.  You might not see the finish line, but you have to keep running.  Dig deep and find the energy and strength you need to keep running.  If you need to walk, well walk it out!  But don’t stop moving.  Block out the noise from the sidelines unless they are really cheering for you.  My cheering section never left my side.  To this day I can call on them.

The analogy of running a race can be related to sickness, a divorce, addiction, relationships or work.  Don’t doubt yourself or compare yourself to others.  You will cross the finish line in due time.  And when you do, the people waiting to cheer you on are the people that are supposed to be celebrating with you.

I was given this race because God knew I could run it.  Own your race and keep moving closer to the finish line.


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