Wisdom And Wine



On Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting an impromptu party.  The party was also a fundraiser for Sydney’s Super Squad Autism Walk Team.  I must admit there was a hidden agenda.  I wanted to talk with these women and use them as my focus group.

I shared with them the idea behind A Woman’s Work.  I talked about how the direction of my blog may change and that I will focus on writing my book.  Next, I showed them my vision board.  I realized there are things that need to be removed, because they have been achieved already.

It was also a time for me to practice my motivational speaking skills. The ladies were great. I appreciated their feedback.  I showed them my post it notes that I use for self talk motivation. They each took one home that spoke to them personally.  My plan is to organize a Vision Board Party in the spring.

I even had a raffle to give away a Sydney’s Super Squad shirt and blue light bulbs to Light It Up Blue in April.  I am sure you are probably wondering where does the wisdom come in.  Well, that is when I basically starting sharing my testimony. Anytime that women can come together and lift each other up, is an amazing experience.

I am not sure where my journey will lead me. But I do know it will be a journey that I will be prepared for. And it is blessing to know that I am surrounded by supportive people.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom And Wine

    1. Hi Ms. Barbara,

      So good to hear from you. I will email you the link to our fundraising team. You can donate online. If you not you can make a check out to Autism Delaware. You can mail it to me at

      Brooke Copher
      617 Socrates St
      Middletown DE 19709

      Love you and thanks!


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