She Stole My Scriptures


I know you have heard me talk about my post it notes that I use for my pep talk moments.  Well, one day I was doing some reading and I wrote a few scriptures down on post it notes.  I am not at a pro at The Bible. I still used the index to find certain stories.  But I do have my “go to” scriptures that I have memorized.

In the midst of everything happening at home.  I decided to put the post it notes on the bathroom mirror. I would come back and get them later.  I was going to add them to my vision board.  Well later never came and I forgot.

We had company later that day and she asked to use my bathroom. I thought sure no problem, it was clean.  But then I remembered the scriptures on the mirror. I was preparing for my explanation because I knew she would ask me questions.  She came out of the bathroom and we talked some more and she left.

I didn’t think anything of it again until I went into the bathroom to empty the trash can.  I noticed my scriptures were missing. Did she really steal my scriptures? Who steals scriptures?  I know they are not MY scriptures but I had spent time reading The Bible to find the perfect scriptures for my situation.

Next, I asked the kids if they took the scriptures down and they both replied, “No”.  I guess I should have left it alone but I really wanted to know if she took the scriptures. There had to be an explanation.  So, as awkward as it was I called her on the phone.

First, I made small talk and made sure she made it home safely.  Then I just asked her if she noticed my scripture post it notes on my bathroom mirror.  She said she was reading them and took them with her. She went on to tell me that she thought she could take one. I could see her thinking, but she took all of them.

I shared with her how I use the post it notes. Her plan was to keep them in her car and at work for the times when she was feeling overwhelmed. I never thought that my post it notes would be helpful to anyone but me. 

I have learned that you never know how your words or actions can be helpful to someone in need. 

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