It Wasn’t Syd This Time


It was the first day of Spring.  We had just left my parent’s house. Harrison had a big project due the next day and Sydney asked to go to the park.  I asked Harrison if he wanted to go home first. But he said it was fine. He would work on his report under the pavilion at the park.  I set our timer for 25 minutes.

The park wasn’t crowed. There were three other families there. Sydney enjoyed the swings, running and climbing.  She was singing Katy Perry songs.  I decided to give her some freedom. She would call me to make sure I was watching her.

I have to admit I hated going to the park.  It was too stressful trying to keep an eye on Sydney, so she wouldn’t wander off or have difficulty communicating with others. Today was different.  Maybe because I was tired from the day. And I was taking the time to enjoy the breeze and think. 

We are known for being the loudest people at a party.  But not this time.  Now, I am by not judging these parents I am just glad it wasn’t me.  One family had a child that was yelling shut up at everyone. One parent was walking on the walking trail while her kids threw woodchips at each other.  One family had a little girl fall out in full tantrum mode. The funny thing is, Harrison never looked up from his work and Sydney kept playing.  It didn’t bother us one bit. We are immune to it all.



One of the parents asked me why Sydney was repeating things. I was just about to give her an autism awareness lesson. When her daughter who had to be about ten years old took over.  She told her mom that Sydney has autism.  She said that Sydney is smart and likes to repeat what she hears.  Next, she told her mom that she has a friend in her class that also has autism. 

My heart skipped a beat.  It was amazing hearing a child share autism awareness.  Before I could ask the mom if she had any questions.  Her son dropped his pants and started peeing on her feet.  The mom was mortified.  Thank goodness Sydney ran away by that time.  I told the mom to have a nice day and smiled.

As moms, we have all had “those moments”.  I was just glad that it wasn’t Copher’s Community this time.

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