If You’re Sleepy And You Know It Raise Your Hand


This is the face that wakes me up at 3:00 am each morning.  This picture was actually taken at 3:oo am in the morning. On a positive note, 99% of the time she is happy and ready to start her day.

Last week there were two nights that she woke up at 1:30 am and stayed awake.  Harrison sleeps through all of this so that is a blessing.  Sydney has been taking a nap at school, which is understandable.  I wish I had her energy. She is a night owl like her father. Harrison and I love our sleep!

One morning after she had her picnic breakfast on the floor in my room.  She put on Disney and started to color.  All before checking outside to make sure it was still dark.  Yes, I have tried the clock that reads go back to bed. The sun isn’t up yet. And I have tried melatonin, and bathing her in Holy Water.

Now it is 4:00 am, I have one hour before the alarm goes off.  As an autism parent I thought everything had to be done in PECS pictures and social stories.  One day I just started talking to Sydney and she knew exactly what I meant.  That morning I told Sydney that I was sleepy and grumpy.  That I had to go to work and be the best I could be. I told her, I work to get money to pay for wi-fi and pop tarts.  She replied, “Get the money.”

I may have dozed off for a few minutes when I heard her say, “Let’s call Auntie Hatty, let’s call Auntie Petra”.  These are all friends from Michigan. As much as they miss us. I don’t think they wanted to hear from us at 4:00 am. I told Sydney the only person we were calling was Jesus!  All she could do was laugh. 

I immediately thought back to when I went to visit a Baptist church when I was younger. The choir was huge and they sang a song called Jesus Is On The Main Line, Call Him Up and Tell Him What You Want. I remember my mommy pinching me.  I loved the song but I kept asking her when would the choir stop singing.

Since we weren’t sleeping. I decided to find that song on YouTube. We watched the video and couldn’t help but get our praise dance on.  This time we did wake up Harrison.  He thought it was Sunday and we were preparing for church. 

Autism and sleep.  That is the missing piece to our puzzle.

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