September 24, 2007

We have to find a new “favorite dress” soon. Every picture I have of her is in this dress.

It was September 24, 2007. I remember sitting in the office waiting for Dr. Chugani to confirm what I had already known for two years. The sun was shining that day and I remember the look on Dr. Chugani’s face and nurse Sue so clearly. The way he looked me in the eyes and told me that Sydney had Autism and not Landau Kleffner Syndrome, as he had previously diagnosed was life changing.

It was his calm, kind voice that gave me momentary comfort. I remember being handed a packet of handouts and resources. I gathered the kids and we sat in the truck with the windows down letting the sun shine on us. Immediately I called Rob, mommy and sissy. The next twenty-four hours were a blur. As I cried and had a pity party. We were officially on a path to battle a disability that didn’t have a cure.

Last April, I shared my soul with Facebook.  I began my Embracing Autism series, which encouraged me to begin my blog,  A Woman’s Work. My stories were not always the happy-go-lucky stories.  But the goal was to spread autism awareness and that is something that our family does on a daily basis.

As April 2nd approaches, I encourage you to Light It Up Blue for Autism.  Your support means so much to families like ours.  We are very excited to share The 50 State Autism Challenge Video soon. Our family has changed so much since that day in 2007.  Just when we thought we had hit rock bottom.  We had the strength to get up.  Just when all hope was lost, a miracle occurred. On our loneliest day we discovered that we were never really alone.

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