Autism Acceptance



Awareness or acceptance? Do you think light it up blue is not necessary? Is it time to put an end to April is Autism Awareness Month? Or change the focus?

Will you accept Sydney when she performs in the school concert? Will you embrace Sydney on a field trip? Will you laugh at her because she still likes Disney? Is Sydney high functioning or low functioning? I can see why some autism families don’t want to hear about light it up blue. The autism portrayed in the media is not the autism that they know.

Sydney is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Call me crazy but I am celebrating Sydney and autism. When I think about where Jesus has brought us from, I can’t help but say Alleluia thank you Jesus.

I may be the only autism mom that celebrates.  I’ve been through hell with autism and I am still standing as a single mom. My porch lights are blue all year-long for autism and law enforcement. My voice has made people aware of autism. Now the hard work begins as we push for acceptance.

I celebrate the fact that this disorder has made me educate myself and others. Our autism isn’t the kind you see on tv. Our autism was/is aggressive, painful, loud, scary, depressing and the list goes on. I want people to light it up blue. I want them to know the signs of autism. I want to celebrate Harrison’s project and the impact it has made.

I’m not searching for a cure. I think I have even given up on finding what causes autism. God gave me two miracles, and autism. I celebrate Syd, because if you only knew what I haven’t yet shared on my blog. You would see autism through different eyes. You would celebrate with me.

From seizures, financial burdens, doctor appointments and IEP’s our family has embraced autism head on. Is there a doctor or regiment that will fix Syd? She’s not broken. Syd is unique. Syd is smart. Syd has autism and even on our toughest days, I will always be a proud autism mom!

Wear blue, support autism events, accept the child that has autism, say hello to the adult that has autism, share your knowledge of what you have learned with others.  Take a moment and think about how much knowledge you have now because of the autism moments that I have shared with the world.  Autism Acceptance is our mission.

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