That’s Just My Baby’s Daddy



Let me start by saying that I would never disrespect my ex husband on social media. I believe that he would do the same for me. Now if you come over to my home and bring me a bottle of red wine, the same rule may or may not apply.

When I was younger I remember asking God for three things. I wanted to be a wife, a mother and a teacher. Well, two out of three ain’t so bad. Seriously, I thank God for Rob, 14 years of marriage and for our two beautiful children.

Many of you are aware that we struggled with infertility for four years. At our last visit with the infertility doctor, she told us our only chance of having children would be IVF. She also said that we had a 20% chance of success. We both looked at each other and started laughing.

Do you remember when you were first married and you and your spouse would finish each other’s sentences? Well, we both said in unison ” We don’t have any money for that.” I was thinking “Jesus Take The Wheel”. We decided at that time that if it was God’s will we would have children. As you can see, God answered our prayers.

I have to admit that it does bother me when people make the following assumption in front of my children. They will say that they are sorry that Sydney and autism caused my divorce. I calmly reply that it is not any of their business. And no that is not the reason. I ask them to not make comments like that in front of my children. After all, Syd is not deaf and it upsets Harrison. I try to keep it classy not trashy! There are many questions that I would love to ask people on a daily basis. But my mommy taught me better than that.

Now that I have your attention. You are probably thinking, well why did she get divorced? Why did they leave Michigan? I’ll save all of those details for our motion picture. See I figure Terrance Howard can play Rob and Kimberly Elise can play me. Harrison and Sydney can make they acting debut. 😉

Enough of the laughs let me get back on topic. A great book about being a father of a child with autism is Not My Boy, by Rodney Peete. This book offers great insight from a male perspective. It is great for women to read also to help them navigate through the journey with their spouse or significant other.

From all of my hospital visits, I’ve met many families and some single fathers who are taking care of their children with disabilities. I salute all men that are at the IEP meetings, doctor and therapist appointments. I salute the fathers that are not in denial of the diagnosis.

It is important for families to remember that everyone processes the news of a diagnosis differently. Lean on others and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Autism is not a death sentence.


3 thoughts on “That’s Just My Baby’s Daddy

  1. I love that you are reposting your blogs ! I actually printed many of them out when you first started blogging so that my Mom could read them. She has no computer or iphone. She was very moved by all of them. I started reading your blogs this month and I would say to myself….. she posted this one before. Finally dawned on me ! Duh!! No I am not really blonde!
    Love ya girl. 💙

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