I’m Tired of Waiting



Do you ever get tired of waiting? We are all patient people.  But there are times when we get tired of waiting.  Do you get tired of waiting in lines? Does it bother you to wait on hold to speak to a representative after you pushed zero? I get tired of waiting too.

I was tired of waiting for my ex to change back to the man that I married. After many nights of prayers, I realized that I don’t have the power to make him change.  His actions were now between him and God.  I was tired of waiting for people to treat me with respect and be kind.  Again, I had to realize that was a battle I wasn’t supposed to solve.

I began to overthink and obsess about everything. I questioned my every move. I wasted so much time trying to fix others.  When in reality I should have focused that energy on working on myself.  Can anyone else relate to a situation that took over your life?  And when you look back now you realize how much time was wasted.

Trust me.  You will get to a point in your life when you will realize that all you need to do is breathe and change your way of thinking.  Your words are powerful and if you keep speaking negativity into existence, you are setting yourself up for failure and misery. 

Stop saying I’ll never have a baby.  Instead say thank the Lord for the child He will send in His timing.  Stop saying I’ll never get married. Instead, Thank God for sending the mate that has been praying for you as well.   Finally, stop saying my boss hates me. Stop putting on a three-ring circus to impress your boss and let God guide your steps.  Remember that more people than your boss are watching you at work. 

I am finally at peace with waiting.  When I look at what God has done for me, when I stepped back and let HIS timing take over.  I could have never experienced these situations without waiting.  I wasn’t prepared for what God had planned for me.

Don’t start your week off waiting for things to change.  Speak your thoughts into existence, write your vision down in a journal. Finally, walk away and have faith that your dreams will come to pass.

Love you friends!

P.S. Don’t message me in a week and tell me you are still waiting. It may take longer than a week. Just saying.

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