Time Stood Still



One day I looked at my watch. I noticed that the time hadn’t changed.  It still read 2:45 and I knew that time had elapsed. This was also the day that I had a major “aha” moment.  It was in that moment that my life changed. I know you are thinking that I am referring to autism or maybe even my divorce.  But I am not. 

I noticed that my life was beginning to shift.  I finally realized that I was not the same person that I was before.  It wasn’t that I was this horrible person in the past. We all have skeletons in our closet.  My life had taken on a new meaning.  I was giving a second chance at finding who Brooke Butler really was.

In the past I would tolerate ill-treatment and negativity.  There was a particular day that I decided I would no longer tolerate certain situations and people.  My voice was always quiet, that is why I would write in my journals. Slowly, I began to pray for wisdom before I spoke.

When I was younger I allowed other people to bring out the argumentative side of me. Over time I realized I was only hurting myself and began to call on Jesus and remain calm.

During the past year I have learned that my voice matters.  It is time for me to put my energy and focus on bigger things. I know my worth and I am not afraid to share that with others.

Do you need time to stop for you? Do you need a moment to regain your composure, get a plan in place and put your game face on?  Or are you at the stage in life where you had an “aha” moment and you are ready to move on?  I was waiting for time to heal my wounds and scars.  It wasn’t until I entered my quiet space and realized that I was the reason why my pain still existed.

I made the choice to stop time and allow God to direct my path.


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