I Can’t Do This Anymore



How many times have you said I can’t?  What do you say to your children when they say I can’t?  Your words are powerful. So if you keep saying I can’t.  Guess what you won’t.  The scripture says I can do all things through God who strengthens me. ~Philippians 4:13

When I was faced with some difficult situations. The first words out of my mouth were ” I can’t do this”.  I can’t save my marriage. I can’t afford to stop working to take care of Sydney. I can’t take it and I can’t do this anymore. The problem was I was telling my friends I can’t do this and they would agree with me.  

I had hit rock bottom. I wasn’t giving up I just had to let it all out. My I can’t list kept growing. I can’t raise my children without Rob. I can’t forgive him.  I can’t leave Michigan. I can’t find another job to support my children.

I didn’t know what would be in store for our family.  I do know that if I allowed my I can’t mindset to take over, we would have been doomed. Instead of settling for I can’t. I began to tell myself, I can survive today. I can help my kids. I can get through the day without crying. I can get through the day without feeling resentment for my circumstances.

I can do things even though people said I would fail.  People loved seeing me in my “I can’t” phase.  But then I began to claim my life back. Fight for what was mine and get my name back. I startled many people and their true colors were revealed.

Whatever you are facing today. Don’t settle for I can’t do this. Or I can’t go on. Rise above your situation. Believe in the impossible and don’t settle for less than your best.

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