Easter Memories



Easter Sunday was always a special time for our family.  When we were younger we had our night before Easter rituals.  I can remember dyeing eggs and decorating the table. My mommy always had matching outfits for my sissy and I. I can’t remember if we ever took a picture with the Easter bunny. We would get an Easter basket and stuffed rabbit.


The night before Easter was when we had to get our hair “pressed” with a hot comb.  It was torture, but we knew we would look cute the next day.  Mommy would be so tired after straightening our hair.  Then she dared us to move after she rolled our hair and sent us on our way. The next day we would have Shirley Temple curls and a bow in our hair.

The year they gave us Petran and Thomason was an Easter I will always remember. Sissy named the rabbits. We went to mass that morning. I couldn’t wait for them to sing “Were You There When They Rolled The Stone Away”.  That was my favorite part of mass, I always tried to fight back the tears but it didn’t work.  It was those lyrics that made me realize why we celebrated Easter.


After mass we would drive to downtown Detroit.  We would go to Belle Isle and walk around near the river and the fountain and take pictures. Then we would go visit our family for Easter dinner. We always had a fun time seeing all of our relatives and enjoyed hunting for eggs.

What memories do you have about Easter Sunday?  Was it a favorite meal that was prepared? Or picking out the best color jelly beans?  This year we didn’t dye eggs.   They didn’t ask and I didn’t bring it up.  I think about what will my children remember about Easter.  I think they will remember the first Easter Egg hunt they had on the farm in Maryland. They will remember going to church and being with family.  They will remember getting dressed up so I could take pictures and capture the moment.

Now that they are older we talked about Easter at our family meeting. Sydney was able to read from the children’s Bible.  That was a huge blessing. Harrison asked questions about the love of a father for his son. And I cried knowing that Jesus sacrificed his life for me.

Jesus Christ is risen today!


2 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. Happy Resurrection Sunday sis. I wrote out my favorite Easter memory last night as well, however, you will have to wait until Wednesday to read it. The boys are grown, Malik is down at Bowie and Tayair is at work so I just go to Sunrise Service alone, come home, cook breakfast and take a nap.

    However, I do remember when my grandmother was alive we always dyed eggs, bought jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, but those days are gone forever.


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