We Could Learn Something From April


A giraffe had the world’s attention for months. Some people thought it was ridiculous and others were excited for the birth.  I admit I watched April in the beginning. The media kept saying any day now and April didn’t even look like she was pregnant. 

One day I watched April for about thirty minutes. For an animal in labor she was pretty calm. She just walked around, looked at the camera and enjoyed the moment.  She didn’t seem to be in a rush to give birth.

A few weeks went by and I forgot about April.  But then in my newsfeed I would see that “it” was about to happen.  And it never did. April had the world following her. If a giraffe can do that why can’t we?  Can we get more people to follow Christ? Can we get more people to get involved with their community and the youth? Can we get more people to work on diversity and poverty issues that plague our nation?

Saturday, I began to watch April again.  But this was the real deal. I saw hooves. April was giving birth. What sound do giraffes make?  Because I never heard a peep out of April.  She calmly walked around that stall like it was a normal day.

As I was watching April and the delivery began to progress. I thought back to my deliveries.  Harrison and Syd were both scheduled C-sections. I can’t relate to my water breaking or pushing. While I was watching April. I felt like I was having contractions. I swear my uterus was hurting and then I remembered.  I don’t have my uterus. I had had a hysterectomy five years ago. 

I was watching a giraffe give birth. This was amazing and a miracle. Harrison tried to watch but he couldn’t take it. Syd kept saying “Let’s go to Toys R Us”. So I was on my own.  I cried when the giraffe was born.

Just like April I having been carrying around something that I need to “give birth to”.  I have been silent and somewhat calm. Imagine the joy and relief April feels now.  It made me reflect on my situation and what I need to do now. I can no longer carry around these burdens and ideas. It is time for me to calmly take care of my circumstances, even if the world is watching.

3 thoughts on “We Could Learn Something From April

  1. I tuned in early Saturday morning only because the battery in Tayair’s car died and we were waiting for AAA at Dunkin Donuts at 7:00 – 8;00 am, I stopped watching because I had to get home and dress to prepare for my last FREE Basic Blogging Class for the Money School so I missed the actual birth.

    However, like April, I finally gave birth to a new venture in my life and am looking forward to many years of growth!


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