Hi God, Are You Still There?


Well God here we are again.  You know it’s me and what I’m already going to write.  But I feel better getting my thoughts out this way.  I know that I have been disobedient lately.  Yeah, you told to me to go left and I went right.  I can be a little hard-headed.  Sometimes I want to figure out things on my own.  After several trial and errors, I realize that I am nothing without you.
Actually, God I thought you had forgotten about me. I didn’t think you were still with me.  I went through one storm and made it out with a few bruises.  But then I entered into another storm shortly after that.  God I guess my question is when is my storm free season coming?  Or is that even possible? If not then I need your help.
The next time I am in a storm I need to know that you are with me and that I am not alone.   I am the loneliest during the storm and not sure where to turn for help.  I feel like I am drowning and you know I can’t swim.
I need to learn how to push doubt and fear away. Also, when negative people tell me that I can’t survive my current situation, I need to remember to be silent. After each storm I endured I felt stronger. Now I have no choice. I must be ready to take on the next storm just in case it is headed my way.
God you know the desires of my heart. You are aware of my vision for my family. Now that I have told you all of that. I just realized something.  I may not have said thank you to you in a long time. So here goes.
Thank you for another day, my children, my family and my home. Thank you for guiding Harrison and letting him feel your presence. I’m proud of his hard work and honor roll report card.  He continues to amaze me.

Thank you for allowing Sydney to communicate more with us.  Thank you for the angels that you have placed in our lives.
Jesus take the wheel. Each day I am trying to be better. Some days, I am mad at myself for not doing more and trying harder.  My life has changed so much in the past four years.
I’ve stepped out on faith in ways that I never knew I could.   God only you know the plans that you have for me.  You leave me no choice but to stand and not waver. Thank you Lord for your word and scriptures that remind me of your awesome power.


God I am ready for my wings, not my angel wings.  But wings like an eagle. This is my time to soar.

Love your daughter,

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