Today Is Mother’s Day


Are you a new mom celebrating your first Mother’s Day?  Is this your first Mother’s Day since you lost your mom?  Does your heart ache because of the child that you have lost?  Lost to heaven, lost to addiction, lost to crime or just lost here on earth?


Dearborn, Michigan July 2002

Maybe you are like me. I was the woman who battled infertility and thought I would never have a child.  People looked at Robert and I differently because we didn’t have children right away.  When people would ask us when we would have kids my reply was always the same.  If it’s God’s will. Then it will be in God’s timing.


Harrison was two months premature. Weighing 2lbs. 14 oz.

I’m not sure if I believed what I was saying.  But in time God would bless us with Harrison Noah and Sydney Gabrielle.  I have to admit it was nice being recognized by Rob and the kids on Mother’s Day.  We would go to The Eastern Market, or the park, sometimes out to dinner.  When I added special needs mom to my title.  I was just happy to make it through each day.


Now I am a single mom and Mother’s Day has taken on a new meaning for me.  Everyday is Mother’s Day.  Everyday my kids show me how much they love me.  I celebrate being a mom to the students in my class also.  My prayers this Mother’s Day are of course for my mommy and sissy and all of the wonderful mothers that I know.


Harrison has always looked out for Sydney.

My prayer is for the women that are struggling with infertility and those who have lost babies.  Each story is different. I was told I would never be able to carry a child because of damaged fallopian tubes.  So, I don’t know the pain that you endured when you experienced a miscarriage.  I do know the pain each month I felt when I knew I wasn’t pregnant.  I felt like such a failure.

I felt like God was punishing me for something. But I was wrong God is good all the time even in our toughest battles.  Remember that God has a plan for you.  Enjoy your marriage and each day of your life.  God answers prayers.  Trust and believe.  I believed when others told me not to.

We will go to church with mommy on Mother’s Day.  She already said she doesn’t want any gifts.  She just wants us to be together.  I call my mommy at least twice a day and I thank God for her.   Every day is Mother’s Day.  Just think single moms.  We get to celebrate next month for Father’s Day too!!!

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