Can You Help A Brother Out?


Being  45  is fabulous.  Being 45 and trying to date can be a hot mess.  I think that I am a pretty good judge if someone is trying to flirt with me or not.  Ladies sometimes a brother just needs a little help and he’s not trying to flirt with you.  Know the difference.

I was in Walgreens picking up a few things after work.  Do you know that feeling when someone is walking up behind you?  Well that happened to me and I had my fight stance ready.  Never walk up on a girl from the city.  I think I may have scared the gentleman.

He proceeded to ask for my help. My first reaction was what would Benson do from Law and Order? I decided to help him anyway.  Let me remind you that people feel very comfortable with me.  Even complete strangers.  I knew he wasn’t flirting because he asked, “Sistah, can you help a brother out?”.  I immediately knew that his wife sent him to Walgreens and he forgot what she wanted him to buy.

Next he said he needed my help to buy maxi pads for his wife.  He was mad that she told him to pick them up and he didn’t remember what she said.  I wanted to laugh.  But I didn’t.  Robert and I may have ended in divorce but the brother would buy my “lady things” as we called them.

So the gentleman starts telling me she said buy the wings, extra long.  He didn’t know what she wanted.  My feminine intuitions kicked in and I picked out two samples for him.  Next, I told him to take a picture of them both and send her a text.  He looked at me like I just gave him the wining Powerball numbers.

She replied back with some love emoji’s. Yes, he had to show me.  Next, I told him to save that picture and buy 6 packs.  That would buy him some time so he wouldn’t have to buy “lady things” anytime soon.


He was very appreciative and kept thanking me.  He said he had been in the store for about twenty minutes and didn’t know who to ask for help.  My last advice was to buy her one single rose at the counter. This would help since he probably was a jerk when she asked him to go to the store.  He told me I was a genius and should be a therapist.  If he only knew.

I will share a blog later this week when someone was trying to flirt and it was a train wreck.  I am still trying to process it!  I’m realizing that I more than a teacher, a mother, and an autism advocate.  I am a writer, a motivational speaker, a counselor, a therapist and the list goes on.

Happy Monday!


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