Pretend You’re On Survivor


The rain was hitting my window and I woke up suddenly thinking that it was Monday.  Sydney was still sleeping. It was 4:00 am on a Saturday morning.  I knew as soon as I started moving around she would wake up. So, I decided to lay in bed.

A few minutes passed and Sydney came running in my room telling me to wake up sleepy head.  She made her breakfast, in my bathroom.  And just to let you know. I think the strawberry pop tart phase is over.  Not sure what the new breakfast craze will be.  Stay tuned.

I did my stretches for my plantar fasciitis and got out of bed.  Immediately the pain was unbearable. I could barely walk.  I made it downstairs.  In the kitchen, I left a fruit platter out for the kids.  They could have a snack whenever they needed.  This would definitely hold them over until lunch time.

As I hobbled back upstairs I told the kids we would have our family meeting in my room.  I told them that I would really need their help today.  After walking all day in DC, I was in pain. I had to stay off my foot and that I would probably be in the bed most of the day.  They both gave me a strange look.  I told Harrison that if Syd needed anything try to help her or call me.

This was helpful. I couldn’t walk in the boot. It was  a support splint for  bedtime.  But I used it all day on Saturday.

I put off taking pain medicine during the day because I knew that it would knock me out. But I was in pretty bad shape.  I told the kids to pretend like they were on survivor.  Sydney grabbed my phone and started playing Survivor by Destiny’s Child to get motivated.  Then she had to google the survivor tv show.

Harrison grabbed the jingle bell bracelet and put it on Sydney.  And I was fast asleep.  I would wake up and say “Sydney, are you alright?”  Five years ago, she wouldn’t have responded.  Last year she would have just repeated the question back to me.  Now when I ask her she responds “I’m fine.”  Once I heard that I would doze off again.
The next time I woke up I asked Sydney if she was alright. This time she didn’t answer. Just as I was going into panic mode. I heard the jingle bell sound so I knew she was okay.  Harrison came and checked on me and brought me whatever I needed. He even asked if I thought I should be a stay at home mom now for a while until I was feeling better.  If only it was that easy.

I could hear them playing games together and Syd would call Harrison if she needed something.  They were great survivor contestants. Sydney did tell Harrison he was fired, not sure why.   And as hard as it was I stayed in bed.   My friend Tammy was out shopping and she asked if we needed anything.  So she dropped off what we needed and Harrison took care of lunch for me.

I learned a valuable lesson.  It is okay to take care of myself. If my body needs to rest I will rest.  My kids survived because they knew that they had to take care of things until I felt better.  Also, I learned that I should give my children more credit and responsibilities because they are ready for any challenge that comes their way.

We are survivors whether we want to be or not.


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