My Prayers Were Answered


3,295 days, 9 years that is how long I waited for my prayers to be answered.  It wasn’t the prayer for a husband or to win the lotto.  It was a prayer that some of you may take for granted.  It was perfect timing because it happened on Mother’s Day.

Harrison, Sydney and I were able to attend an entire church service.  Then we went to the farm for a cookout.  We stayed for 4 hours on the farm. No meltdowns and I actually had a chance to sit down and eat my dinner.

This is when they found out church would last longer than one hour.

Let’s start with church.  All my mommy wanted for Mother’s Day was for us to attend church with her.  She also wanted us to wear navy blue.  I had to prep the kids that the service would be longer than an hour.  Which is what we are used to.  But this was for mommy, so we would make this happen.

When we arrived at Union Bethel, Sydney said, “Let’s get this party started.” It was great to walk in church with my mommy, grandmother, my children, aunts, uncles, cousins,  my sissy and my niece. What a blessing to see all of these generations under one roof.


We found our pew and sat down. This time we didn’t sit in the back row.  Sydney was fine. She had her iPad and ear buds in.  Every now and then she would say “Allelulia, Thank you Jesus”. It was appropriate.  Not sure how that would go over well if we were in mass.  I wasn’t trying to make her quiet.  I really wanted to listen to the preacher.  As long as she wasn’t shouting “We’re all gonna die!”  We were doing just fine.

The service was a little longer than normal, because it was Mother’s Day. She was on 20% on the iPad.  I had a backup kindle just in case.  Next, Sydney jumped up and started praising the Lord.  She clapped and swayed to the song the choir was singing.  Seeing her worship made me so proud.


I admit I was a little nervous when the preacher said she would give out roses to all of the women/mothers. As soon as Syd saw the roses her eyes sparkled.  This might get interesting.  I did ask God to forgive me for my next comment. I even went to the altar at the end of the service for prayer.  My grandmother has dementia. So I thought when she got her flower. I could just give it to Sydney, because grandma wouldn’t remember it anyway.  See I told you I am not perfect. I am a sinner saved by grace just like the rest of us.

Well, I didnt’ have to steal my grandmother’s rose. There were plenty of extra roses and the kids were able to take one also.  We stayed for the entire service from 11:00-1:00!!!!!

Next, we were headed to the farm.  My uncles were grilling for all of the mothers.  We were able to take pictures outside, sit and enjoy all of our family.  Sydney found a new Australia at the farm.  It was a tall black chair in the living room, with a homedics foot massager.  It was very calming for her.  I loved having her in the same room so she could be included.  I was actually able to sit down, kick my shoes off, relax and have fun.  Autism never crossed my mind or my lips.


Sydney even took a mini nap. For the first time I was able to eat at a family dinner. This was a huge prayer that was answered for me.  Sydney is maturing, she’s comfortable with all of the family.  And I think now I don’t feel like I have to explain autism or any of her routines or actions.  That was the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  I only had to wait 3,295 days for my prayers to be answered.

Patience and God’s timing.  Trust and believe and wait on your prayers to be answered.

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