Flirting 101


Is there a refresher course in flirting?  Not that I was ever the master of it.  I can discern when someone is flirting or just being nice. Married men it would be very helpful if you could wear your ring.  I understand if your job is the reason that you can’t wear your ring . But I should be able to see a tan line or something. Not everyone is honest about their marital status.

When I see a man who catches my attention, the first thing I do is check his ring finger.  Notice I said catch my attention.  The most attractive man could walk in the room and not catch my attention.  I am looking for something different.  His looks might not  be what attracts me to him first.  It might be his voice, his smile or other mannerisms.

I’ve heard some interesting pick up lines lately.  I’m pretty quick with comebacks in conversations. But not when it comes to flirting.  Am I lacking confidence? Maybe I am.  Usually when I am out, I am too tired or trying to speed shop that my tunnel vision is on.  I always speak to people or hold the door for the person behind me.  So , I can get your attention with hello.  But, I am not sure what else I can do after that.

Yesterday I went to Planet Fitness.  Don’t worry I have a blog about my experience later this week.  While I was working out I wasn’t paying attention to anyone.  When I was leaving I decided to look around at the other equipment and check out the information on the flyers before I left.

My contact lens had been bothering me all day.  If I don’t have my contacts in I can’t see anything without my glasses.  So, of course my contact lens would fall out.  I’m blinking, my vision is blurry and I am searching for my contact lens. Suddenly, a man comes out of nowhere and says “I wanted to come over and say hello.  I saw you winking at me.” I’m thinking dude I can’t even see you, let alone wink and flirt with you.
He started asking me twenty questions. I explained to him that it was nice meeting him but I wasn’t winking. I lost my contact lens and I really need to focus on finding it.  All I kept thinking was that I stink and I’m sweaty.  Why are you talking to me?

Next, he asked if I needed help walking to the car.  Now I am thinking I may have been born at night but I wasn’t born LAST night!  Doesn’t he know I have all of the Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds episodes memorized?  So, I told him that if it was meant to be,  we would cross paths again.  But the gym is not my idea of a pick up zone. I didn’t tell him that.    Am I wrong?  Did I let Mr. Right go?  I wouldn’t know him again with both contacts in any way.


So how do I flirt? How do I let someone know I am interested?  Fellas I know you are reading this.  You need to chime in and help a sister out here.   Do I mention sports, flash my pretty smile or talk about the weather?  My dating after divorce adventures have been good comic relief.  But if Stella can get her groove back so can Brooke!

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