The Definition of Beauty


Whose definition of beauty will you believe?  My mommy and daddy always told me that I was beautiful despite what others would say.  My hair was nappy, my skin was dark and my hips were wide.  But all of these qualities, I loved about myself.

Beauty for me is more than physical features.  It goes deeper than what people notice about me.  Beauty for me is the way I carry myself.   When I walk boldly with confidence into a room. I feel beautiful.   My smile invites others to talk with me and feel comfortable.  My personality and love for others is a beauty that shines more than the lights on a fashion runway.  I realized that if I didn’t accept my own beauty. I would never be able to see the beauty in others.


I am Brooke Copher and I represent the definition of beauty.   I grew up in Detroit, Michigan with my parents and older sister.  Catholic school for twelve years and uniforms was all that I knew.  Being raised in a diverse setting allowed me to always see the beauty in others.  Today my journey continues in  Middletown, Delaware.

My life resembled being a storm that would never end.  But I was determined to feel my best and always persevere.  I managed to still feel beautiful while battling infertility for four years and two premature labors.  How did I manage to keep my beauty during a failing marriage?   All of these events could have made me feel ugly. But I never allowed my circumstances to define me.

At 45 years old I find myself a single mom of two miracles from heaven.  A second grade inclusion teacher, blogger, and autism advocate.   I admit after ending my 14 year marriage.  The person in the mirror staring back at me was changed forever.  Four years after my divorce.  I feel more beautiful than on my wedding day.


My beauty shines through my children Harrison and Sydney.  Sydney has autism and epilepsy.  Harrison is her biggest advocate.   We are the beautiful faces of autism, spreading awareness and acceptance everywhere we go.  The real beauty lies in my blog A Woman’s Work; Brooke Basically Blogging.  You will see that I am no longer in the storm.


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