My Muse


I never thought that someone would say that I was a creative artist. My writing is an art. I am an artist. Each blog is a masterpiece that I created. Some blogs more loved than others.

I thought about my muse. What is the driving force behind my writing? Without God none of this would be possible. Only He knows where my writing will take me.



Harrison and Sydney of course are my source of inspiration. But I came across another muse. It happened while I was watching one of my favorite shows Criminal Minds. It was Season Seven Episode: Run when JJ marries Will.

The song “As It Seems” was played during their wedding reception. After watching the episode I began to search for the artist. I discovered Lily Kershaw. Before you say that she is old news. Please remember who is writing this blog. I am behind when it come to the latest of everything except  with wine and autism!



It was midnight. The kids were sleeping. So,  I went downstairs with my laptop and ear buds in my hand. Watching Harrison’s 50 State Autism video on YouTube always gets me inspired to write. So, I watched that first. Then I searched for Lily Kershaw. I began listening to over 20 of her songs.


While listening to her music. The thoughts and titles of chapters began to flow in my mind. I wasn’t sleepy at all. I let the words of her songs be my muse. It was an incredible experience. I typed through tears. But I was determined to keep typing.

Three hours later. I stared at the screen. I was staring at my creative masterpiece. A story of a young girl from Detroit, Michigan. That little girl grew up to become a strong black woman with a purpose. Now it was time to add in the plot twist that everyone was waiting for. Find your muse. Let it set your mind and soul free to explore and express your deepest thoughts.

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