Love is …..


How would you complete that sentence starter? Would you finish it with a scripture reference on love? Or would you speak from your heart. I’ve been thinking about the definition of love lately. There are so many definitions of love that come to my mind.

First, I think about the love that God has for me. The unconditional love that surrounds me even on the days when I sin and I am disobedient. Next, I think about the love that I have for my children. That love hurts at times. It hurts because a mother never wants to see her children suffer. It is the kind of love that will turn you into a grizzly bear to protect your children. Or you might be an angel that will sing them to sleep at night. The love with my children is a blessing and is pure. It is a bond that cannot be broken.



Then there is family love. One thing about my family is that they have always showed me love. They will welcome complete strangers and call them family. The main thing that my parents taught me was to love others as I wanted to be loved.

People love their pets, their jobs, their hobbies and friends. But nothing compares to the love between two partners in a relationship. I am talking about the love that gives you butterflies. But just remember the butterflies may fade away. So you need to make sure that the love you are building has something solid to stand on. The best solid foundation is God and the ability to keep the lines of communication open.

How do you know if someone truly loves you? Do you measure it with the materialistic items that they buy for you? Is it the amount of time that he or she spends with you each day? Or is it all in your daily interactions?

Remember you can be totally in love with someone without any intimacy taking place at all. Everyone wants to be loved. Some people have difficulty letting others love them because of their past experiences. Then there are some people who were never shown love. In that case they have difficulty showing love.


Just because someone says that they love you isn’t enough.  They must prove their love by showing that they respect and honor you.  You should feel appreciated and valued. Love shouldn’t hurt. Love shouldn’t make you question your worth. Being in love should not have you cry yourself to sleep at night.  If you are searching for true love, keep the faith.  Sometimes you have to let love find you. Don’t forget everything that glitters isn’t gold.


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