Daddy’s Girl

I won an essay contest  in high school. This is a picture from the award ceremony.

I woke up at 4:00 am and thought I missed Father’s Day. So I took some time to reflect on my father and how hard he worked for our family. I remember the one and only spanking that I received. Because that spanking changed me. You all know the scripture, Spare the rod spoil the child. Well it worked for me. I grew up respecting adults, authorities, teachers and all people in general.

My dad took me to a baseball clinic.  I met Champ Summers when he played for the Detroit Tigers.

I was a tomboy growing up. The reason why I got a spanking was because I was hanging from the clothesline like it was a zip line. Also, for hopping the fence to play in the alley. This was of course after many reminders not to do so. This might have also have been the same day Sr. DeSales called home too.

My dad taught me how to play softball, basketball, tennis and how to bowl. I think I probably disappointed him when I went to high school and joined the dance team. But he still attended my competitions and sports banquets. My father worked the midnight shift at Chrysler, seven days a week sometimes twelve hours a day. But he always made time for our family. He took me to my first job interview at 15 and I’ve been working ever since.

Family Reunion

I remember my father telling me that he wanted me to always be able to walk into a room and speak to a crowd and have their attention. He taught me the importance of an education. My dad has the nicest cursive handwriting that I’ve ever seen. I loved watching him address an envelope or sign a permission slip when I was younger. I wanted to write just like him. That’s one reason why I love to journal so much.

Representing the 80’s!

I never wanted to disappoint him. I don’t mean by getting a low score on a test. I didn’t want to bring shame or disappointment to our family for making a bad choice that would impact our lives. I’m still a daddy’s girl and my dad is my hero.

To all of the wonderful fathers that stand by their families, work hard, and pray with their families continue the amazing job. Your actions are pleasing to God.

If Father’s Day is an emotional day for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Maybe you need to ask your dad for forgiveness or let go of the past. Don’t let this day be a day that you dread. Celebrate your dad and move forward.

For single mothers like me on Father’s Day. Use the day to celebrate the male role models that are involved in the life of your children. There are many things that I can teach my children but some things Harrison, especially will learn on his own. For example, yesterday we watched a YouTube video on how to tie a tie correctly. Harrison wants to master that task for an event we are attending in a few weeks. I have a zip up/ clip on tie for backup. Just in case we may need it at the last-minute.

Homecoming Court 1990

This year I’ve decided to start a new tradition with my kids every Father’s Day. We’ve already started a list of things to try. It’s our own personal bucket list. I will look into the eyes of my blessings from heaven. And think I am a bad mama jama. Happy Father’s Day to Me!

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