Southwest Flight 450


The day started with a 3:00 am wake up call. The shuttle would be here to pick us up at 4:45 am.  Mommy called to make sure we were up. She was on her way over to see us off. But I told her to stay at home. We prayed for safe travels and I finished getting the kids ready.

We were on time waiting outside for the driver. He didn’t show up until 5:00 am which gave Sydney more time to pack things in her bag. Now we were headed to Baltimore to catch our 8:10 am flight.

The ride was great. The driver wanted to hear my life story. I just told him to read the blog. As soon as we reached the airport. I was own my own. Maneuvering the kids and the luggage was challenging. We made it inside to check in. The Southwest attendant was helpful. She had them bring her wheelchair and a TSA cares agent escorted us to security.

Going through security was better this time. I prayed for angels and God sent them to me. Angela was the Southwest attendant and Ms. Lois was our TSA agent. They didn’t ask to do the body search on Syd. She could stay in the wheelchair and go through security. It was smooth sailing.

Angela made sure we had our pre-board passes. And we found the perfect spot near the window and the gate to watch the planes. I only had one hot flash, which was pretty good. We would board in half an hour. The timing was perfect.

I kept praising the kids. I told Harrison how proud I was of him being in charge of the luggage. And I told Sydney she was using a great voice and doing an amazing job. I even thought to myself I’m doing this alone without my sidekicks Rachel and Michelle. I can do this.

We boarded the plane. Syd sat near the window and Harrison wanted the aisle seat! Perfect, we were all together. I forgot our autism power cards at home. I usually hand those out to make people aware of autism. I informed the flight attendants and also told them of Harrison’s food allergies. They were very helpful wanting to know where his epi-pen was located and where’s Sydney’s rescue meds were for her seizures.

I sprinkled everyone with holy water. I might have gotten some on the people around me. Jesus take the cockpit!! Sydney put her iPad away. I gave her the old school leapfrog tablet that she hasn’t seen in a year. She put her headphones on and played her game. She ordered her beverage and enjoyed looking out at the clouds.

Harrison was listening to music. I did something that I never thought I would do.  First, I used the bathroom on a plane. Never again I was claustrophobic! Instead of being on high alert. I fell asleep and took a twenty minute nap. I figured I would hear screams if there was a problem. And I never did.

I did wake up when I heard Syd said “Snakes on the plane. Snakes on the plane.” She didn’t yell it so hopefully only a few people heard it. The flight was one hour and twenty minutes.

The kids did great. We felt normal. We were anxious to see everyone. I didn’t mention autism for an hour and twenty minutes. For us that is huge.

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