It’s All In The Name


My daddy named me. I always loved my name. It wasn’t a popular name but I didn’t mind. Whenever I heard someone else with the name Brooke. I was always curious to see if they spelled it with an “e” at the end.

When I married Robert I accepted the name Copher. When we had children. We thought/fought about what we would name the children. I loved the name Noah. Robert loved the name Elijah. Harrison is a family name on Robert’s side of the family. I think that Harrison Noah Copher is a strong name for him. He hates it when I call him Harry.


My name will change when I say “I do” again.


When baby girl came along. Only Rob and my family knew we were having a girl. I always wanted my daughter to have a nickname. Sydney Gabrielle. Syd the kid! I couldn’t see her with another name.

Let’s fast forward to my divorce. Much of my divorce was a blur. I just wanted it over. I remember my attorney asking me if I was changing my name. I replied no and I really thought nothing of it.



Recently I was asked why I didn’t change my name back to Butler. I was told that I must still be in love with my ex because I still have his name. NO! I started thinking about my teaching experience and the single parents that still had their married names. I remember the first time I assumed the last name of a parent and she quickly corrected me.


I thought that by keeping Copher, it would make the transition easier for my kids. I am not holding on to my marriage. Just the name that blessed me with two miracles and made me a courageous woman today.

Should I change my name back to Brooke Butler? Was I wrong for not changing it in the first place? What would you do?

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