I’m The Ex Daughter In Law


This is Harrison he’s my grandson. This is Sydney she’s my granddaughter. This is Brooke…silent pause. “Hello, I’m the ex daughter in law.” This was the start of our visit with Rob’s family.

The kids had a chance to meet their younger cousins and see their family on their father’s side. It was awkward at first I think for all of us. It had been three years since they’ve seen each other. It was nice to catch up with them. I was able to share all of the proud moments that they have accomplished in Delaware.

I was glad that they had the opportunity to play with their cousins. Harrison was being Harrison. Which meant he was being protective of Syd and making sure she felt comfortable.

Harrison and Syd both knew they were back in Southfield. They knew our old house was close by. Harrison wanted to see the old house. For some reason I panicked. I didn’t think it was a good idea. Syd might see the house and want to go in. Maybe I didn’t want to see the house. I let Harrison decide and he decided not to drive down Green Valley Street.


The past two days were emotional for all of us. The kids starting discussing memories from the past. Especially when they were with their other family. Harrison was very quiet. I could tell he was shutting down. He told me he felt sad but wasn’t quite sure why.

He missed Delaware but also talked about things that he loved about Michigan. Mommy guilt kicked in. Everyone told me I made the best move for our family. This trip was closure for me on so many levels. The kids are having a blast. But I’m not sure if I helped them, confused them or hurt them.

This is a difficult blog for me to share. So I’ll have to continue tomorrow.

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