The End


The end is near. The End. Why are we always so fixated on the end? I have to admit that I hated when the end came. The end of the summer vacation meant it was time to go back to work. The end of the month meant it was time to pay all of the bills. The end of the Netflix series I was binge watching was over, that was awful.  But the end of a book, that would break my heart.

As I started praying I wanted to learn how to embrace the end. Not to think of the end as something bad or something to fear. It was time to think of the end as a new beginning. A fresh start or something beautiful to admire. This positive attitude may be hard to apply to some situations. I am a witness that it will not be easy. But you have to change your mindset and your perception when looking at your situations.

When I think about the end of my marriage. It was hard to see how something beautiful would come out of ending a marriage. But the beauty came when I focused on developing a stronger relationship with God and increasing my faith. Now I can see the beauty. But there were many tears and lonely nights that I had to endure. It is a process that others can offer to help you with. But you truly have to master that on your own.

Now I embrace the end. The end of the day shows a beautiful sunset. It means that I can thank God I survived another day. Another day of autism and of being a single mom. I did it. And I feel beautiful. I might not fit your definition of beautiful. I feel beautiful.

The end of a legacy or the end of a job is just a new way to start over. Who doesn’t want a chance to start over? Well, you get that opportunity each day. You can start over and make up for any wrongs that you did the night before. The end is really not as bad as it seems.

My students love to write The End when they finish a writing piece. I remind them that they don’t have to write “The End”.  The audience will know it is the end of your writing based on your conclusion statement and wrap up sentences. Of course they just smile and say “ So, can I keep The End?’.

Think about what conclusion statements you would want to have written down. When you end a relationship that’s the end. Leave it all there so you can move on. When you end  a painful situation just leave it. That’s the end. Look to what is ahead. Look for the beauty that will come out of your situation. The end is near but you shouldn’t have any fear. Embrace each new ending as a way to begin again.

How will you start over?  I have a few things in mind. I would love to try.


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