I Feel A Blog Coming On… It’s About A Man


I met a man this week. I know. Write it down on your calendar. Now before you get your maxi dress ready for my beach wedding. Hold on. There’s more. He was a black man! Now you can pop the champagne.

If you have been following my blog you know that dating after divorce has been an adventure. My data that I have collected, shows that the brothers don’t date me. Well, maybe I just haven’t met the right brother yet.

It wasn’t a love connection. It was more like a test drive. I think we both had something to prove. We were both trying to see if our flirting game was still strong.

First things first. You don’t need to know all of the specifics. Middletown, Delaware is very small. Chances are he’s related to someone I already know. When I meet a man. I go through these steps. I really never make it pass Step Two.

Step One: Check for a ring. No ring. Still could be married. Don’t get your hopes up.

Step Two: Text my niece Kayla with his name so she can start the social media stalking. She was babysitting my kids. She could handle that for me. I’ll just make small talk until she responds. Okay, he’s single game on.

We started talking just about the basics. He said he never met a blogger before. We discussed my blog. He asked me if I was squeezer. Let me translate that for you. He wanted to know if I squeezed the toothpaste in the middle or at the end of the tube. Interesting question right? I told him I squeeze the bottom of the tube. He said great because that could be a deal breaker in a relationship.

Since we were asking questions. I felt like I had to ask the toilet paper question. Does it hang in the front or the back. The front of course we said in unison. We continue with some casual talking. It was great having a conversation with him. I finally built up enough courage to go to events by myself. And not feel like everyone is staring at me because I don’t have a plus one attached to my hip.

He gave me some blog ideas that I may use. And some inside scoop on the mind of a black male. I did use him as a guinea pig. I asked him some questions about the teenage boy years. He was nice and gave me some good tips.

When it was time for me to leave. We exchanged business cards. There was no love connection. But, I have heard from him since our initial meeting. You never know when I will need a handy man with a pickup truck.  So, I’ll keep his card for future reference.

And that’s how Brooke got her groove back.


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