Seven Long Years


It only took seven years. That is not such a long time. Well, now that I think about it seven years seemed liked forever. I’m sure you are wondering what took so long. Well, it took seven years for my kids and I to finally enjoy our summer vacation.

For the past seven years. Summer meant mixed emotions for me. I was glad to be off from work. But that meant I would really have to have a structured routine at home. I remember going grocery shopping at 4:00 am in the morning while my ex was still home. Because I would never take the kids to the store with me. When we lived in Michigan. Harrison was signed up for summer camp. I did that so he could have a chance to socialize, take swimming lessons and be a kid. Sydney would have summer school and increased therapy appointments. It was just like being in school for me.

It didn’t feel like summer. I was stressed all of the time. We didn’t socialize much, only with family. I really never enjoyed myself because I was always hovering over Sydney, explaining her every move.

We didn’t go on vacations, to the zoo or the park. We stayed at home on Green Valley Street. Sydney had her garden in the backyard. I would blow up the inflatable bounce house or the giant water slide and watch the kids play.


The feeling of loneliness was the hardest. No matter how hard it was I tried my best to make each day fun for the kids. When I think about this summer. I don’t recognize our family. We went to Baltimore. We flew on a plane. We can go grocery shopping and to church as a family. We are normal. We’ve been on walks to the park and have attended more family functions this summer than we have in our lives.

I know this is what normal people do. But for our family that wasn’t an option.

People have started to invite us to their homes. We have had many people visit us. Harrison is becoming more independent. I am doing my best to not be a helicopter mom with him. Sydney has started to talk more with others and enjoys going places. Amy, Sydney’s cheerleading coach even offered to babysit the kids so that I could get a break. How thoughtful is that?

The biggest change this summer has been the sleep factor. We take naps. We sleep in until 7:00 am. It is a true miracle from God. I have been blessed with Kayla, Sam and my sissy, who have been the best babysitters ever. I feel like a new person. Maybe it’s the sleep or maybe it’s the adult interaction that I am having. It could be the fact that I am taking time for myself. I am blogging and planning for our future. My vision is clear and this summer I have learned many things.

I learned that each day I wake up is a blessing. I learned that my children are miracles and make me proud. I learned to trust again. I learned that nothing can stop me. I learned that sleep is a wonderful thing. I learned that I still know how to flirt.  I learned that Harrison still hates to take pictures. I learned that autism can be hard but we’ve got this. I learned that we are loved. I learned that Copher’s Community is supposed to live in Delaware.

This summer we lived. I have no regrets. Just think what will happen to us in the next seven years. Only God knows.

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