An Egyptian Birthday?

Yes, this is not a recent picture.


Who would have known that Mr. Peabody & Sherman would have created such an interest in Egypt for Sydney? So much that she has been my little historian.

When she asked for an Egyptian 13th Birthday celebration. I thought it was a perfect idea. Harrison would wear a Pharaoh costume and be the greeter. Syd and I would wear matching Cleopatra costumes. Yes, we have done that before.   I would have pyramid decorations everywhere, games and The Nile River for some extra flair.

Then reality set in. I have less than three weeks to plan this spectacular party. Do I invite all of the family and a few of my friends? Mommy has to help me cook the food. August 27th is Sydney’s birthday. Hold up, wait a minute. I have to go back to work the next day.

Plot Twist!!!!! First of all, I was the party planner back in Michigan. My kids had themed birthday parties and they remember them. Because I remind them every chance I get.  Harrison, do you remember the time I had the rockets go off in the backyard? And the scientist that made the cotton candy?  Sydney do you remember those individual jello cups with the fish inside for your Beach party?  And this was all Pre-Pinterest.   I am glad they remember those times because they are gone. Don’t get me wrong Sweet Sixteen, everyone can have a party.

Harrison will be 15 in October. Syd will be 13. That alone is causing me stress. Now I was trying to create a desert scene with pyramids in my yard???? Am I asking for a panic attack?

Last week Sydney’s first speech therapist in Delaware, Mrs. Smalls came over to visit Sydney. They were talking about her birthday. Mrs. Smalls was able to find out what Syd really wanted for her birthday.

Sydney wants to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and have chocolate cake at home. Seriously?? I was ready to plan something equivalent to a bridal shower. When all I really needed was to allow Sydney to be a teenager and tell me what she wanted.
I need to cancel that Amazon order for Harrison’s Pharaoh costume now!

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