Black Jesus


I have never watched an episode of Blackish until last week. This week I am finishing Season 3. I was laughing out loud so much. That I was crying. So, I asked Harrison to watch a few episodes with me.

We were watching an episode and the dad was teaching his son “the nod”. Which translates to, if you are the only black person in the room and another black person enters. You give them “the nod”, just a little acknowledgement. Harrison had no clue about the nod.

After watching a few episodes together. Harrison told me that I was just like the mom on the series. I was so excited. I thought he was talking about Tracy Ellis Ross, who plays a doctor and mom. No, he was referring to the grandma on the show.

Harrison went on to tell me that Ruby, the grandma on the show is always talking about Jesus. He said that’s just like you mom. Yes, that’s right. Jesus, take the wheel, won’t He do it, help me Jesus, or just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  There were a few times. Ruby sometimes calls on Black Jesus in her time of need.

That’s when Harrison asked me, “Is Jesus black or white?”. My first reaction was, didn’t I already handle this when we talked about Black Santa Claus? For a moment,  I started thinking about being younger and visiting our family members.

In most black homes when I was growing up.   You would find a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, President Kennedy, and Jesus. You might also see a wooden spoon and fork set hanging in the kitchen. But it was that picture of Jesus that I will always remember. I never questioned if Jesus was black or white. I just knew that it was only one Jesus.

I told Harrison Jesus is real and it doesn’t matter if he’s black or white. Then I got sidetracked.  We had a dance party to Black and White by Michael Jackson.   All he needed to know is that Jesus died for our sins and call on Jesus when you need him. He was fine with my response and didn’t question it anymore.

Then there’s Syd who has now joined our conversation. Just enough to start yelling in her sweet high pitch voice. “Black Jesus, White Jesus, I see Jesus!”  I sure hope she doesn’t bring up Black Jesus on the bus this morning.

And that is another episode of Living With Autism in  Copher’s Community.


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