My Prayer Closet

I’ve always have had a prayer room or a war room as some call it. It wasn’t always a room it could have been a corner in a room. It was my space and my time to talk to God. Recently my friends Bret and Dana made a prayer board for me. A place where … More My Prayer Closet

Is That You Satan?

They say everything happens for a reason. Do you believe that is true? I grew up blaming everything on the devil when something didn’t go my way. Especially when something bad happened to me. I would hear people say. “ That’s nothing but the devil.” Or “Get behind me satan.” “That’s nothing but the trick … More Is That You Satan?

Black Jesus

I have never watched an episode of Blackish until last week. This week I am finishing Season 3. I was laughing out loud so much. That I was crying. So, I asked Harrison to watch a few episodes with me. We were watching an episode and the dad was teaching his son “the nod”. Which … More Black Jesus