Boxers or Briefs? For Mature Audiences Only


I didn’t grow up with brothers. So, being a single mom raising a boy is a little tricky. I am straight and to the point. Over the weekend I had to have a talk with Harrison.

Before I talked with him I told him that he could call his dad or Poppa instead of me having this talk with him. When he declined. That was my cue to begin.

I told him that as he is getting older that boxers might not be the best choice for him to wear anymore. He immediately turned white. I had to keep talking before I chickened out. I told him we were going to Kohls so he could pick out his own underwear. He was getting irritated and probably embarrassed. I get it. But I told him that he has to wear underwear that will keep everything safe and tucked away.


As we were driving to Kohls, Syd was in the back. I told her she could pick out underwear and a purple bra. Now, the fact that I took both kids to Kohls on a Sunday is a miracle, holiday and celebration.

When we found the men’s section. He tried to pull a Sydney. The look on his face made me almost have a Madea moment in Kohls. Meanwhile, Syd is taking pictures of the packages of men underwear!!!


Syd and I walked away. I gave him directions to come back with size small briefs. I didn’t care if they cost $50.00 at this point.

Now onto the ladies lingerie section. I thought Harrison was going to pass out. I told him to wait at the front of the store.

Next, we went to the clearance rack. Syd picked up a purple bra and kept it moving. When we walked in the aisle. She stopped to get underwear. I told her what size and she picked them out.

We found Harrison at the front of the store. We were in line and I didn’t know what size bra Syd picked up. It was the right size. Won’t HE do it!


That entire shopping experience wasn’t pleasant. Maybe I should have had him shop online. Or just sent him in the store by himself. This is when I feel like I need a little help. But I am not sure if a male figure went with him, that the situation would have been any different.

My heart was heavy and we drove in silence. I knew what I needed to do. I drove up to Love of Christ Church at the high school. I told the kids we would stay for Praise and Worship to help us get our mind right for the week.

My soul felt better. Harrison and Sydney were both singing and praising God. I prayed for my special intentions and then we left.

What did I learn from all of this? I need to give Harrison directions and let him fly or fall. I can’t teach him everything. But I can pray for him, when I am unsure how to help him.


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