Under Construction


The flashing lights, the orange cones and the workers in bright colors. Is a sure sign that construction is near. Six years ago you could block off our house with caution tape and do not enter signs. Things have changed.

Everyone hates construction. It makes you take an alternate route. It causes you to wait. Which is something a lot of us struggle with in our lives.

I realized yesterday, I am under construction. And I love it. This is the time for me to travel a road that I never thought that I could. It is my time to make changes to improve “me”.  Not just my physical features but my inner self.

Being under construction makes you face the bumps, and potholes in your life. You can continue to ride on that narrow, crooked road. Or you can begin construction immediately.

Let me just give you a heads up. My construction plan will take a few months. But in the end.  I will be worth it.


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