We All Need Transitions

I had to save this picture. The barista is always annoyed when I am trying to place my order.Β  Don’t pay attention to 8 pumps of classic syrup. Don’t judge.

I wonder if you are feeling like me right now. You are wearing many hats. Mommy, wife(not me), teacher, etc. I never realized how important transitions were until last week. Now, I see why Sydney relies on them so much. Transitions saved me.

When I wake up, I am mommy until I get both kids on the bus. Then I switch to teacher and still I am called mommy. After school, I switch back to mommy, and teacher. Without any time for transitions or breaks.

Last week I decided I would schedule transitions into my daily routine. After getting the kids on the bus and before I head to work. I will go for a walk. Trying to make it to the gym and to work by 8:20 was giving me a panic attack.

On the days I don’t walk I will treat myself to a tea from Starbucks. Listen to my Jesus music in the parking lot and then put my teacher hat on.

After work instead of looking through back packs and immediately starting homework. I will have my transition time. Maybe I will call a friend, have a dance party or write a blog.

Transitions have to be built into your schedule. If you struggle wearing many hats like me. Add in some transition time for yourself. It will make your heart happy.

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