It’s Not Over Until……..


Not only did I have to recognize the signs of autism. I had to accept that Sydney has autism. Then I had to get early intervention for her.

The one thing I kept telling myself, was that Sydney’s life was not over. This was just the beginning. Yes, I let autism hold us as prisoners. But I kept telling myself that when God is in the midst, it’s not over.

The progress that our entire family has made in one year has been a true miracle. The day that I accepted that Syd will have autism forever, was the day that God started working on our behalf.

When you have a situation and you feel it is hopeless. That is when you have to claim and create the vision. I prayed that Sydney would get an adaptive bike and she did. I prayed that we would visit Disney World. We did it. I prayed that Sydney would become independent and she did.

For every hard autism moment. I have a happy autism moment to share as well.  Now is the time to continue the work that I know I am being called to do.

Remember it’s not over until God says so.

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