I’m Not Open 24 Hours


I was asked by a reader why I was sharing bible verses on my Facebook page lately. The question made me think. Am I only allowed to share blogs about autism, being single and funny stories?  Can I be the blogger that keeps it real? I love the Lord. And I was led to share bible verses last week. Will I continue? I think I will for the rest of the month.

Next month I may change the monthly focus. That is the beauty of being a blogger in charge. Some may not take me seriously if I talk about how Jesus performs miracles in one blog. And another blog features the review of a winery. But that is fine with me.

I decided I needed some spiritual maintenance. I have been calling on Jesus many times each day. I need guidance as I work on my mission statement. I need wisdom as I venture into unknown territory.

We all need to shut down temporarily  in order to refuel for what lies ahead.  Don’t worry I won’t be under construction for long.  I just to need to be certain that I am moving in the right direction for my family.

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