The Power of Love


I’ve been told that I care too much. That I love too hard. Is that a weakness? I am not sure that it is.

I believe in second chances. But at some point enough is enough. In the words of the great Shemar Moore. “Don’t sacrifice home to go and play in someone else’s yard.” I’ll just let that marinate for now. 🤔

I do love hard. I trust people and sometimes I shouldn’t. My experiences in life have been my best lessons. The worst feeling I experienced was not feeling worthy of love. Being in a relationship and not feeling loved and appreciated is painful.

Many people choose to stay in a relationship that brings nothing but pain. Only you and only you will know what is best for you and your situation.

My children, family and friends love me. Their love is unconditional and that will never change. I love hard for a reason.


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