The Day Her Paper Was Graded


Grades aren’t everything. I was an A/B student in school. I had to work hard for my grades. Harrison and Sydney know that as long as they put forth their best effort. I am pleased.

Harrison is a good advocate and will ask his teachers for help. Currently he has A’s and B’s. And I am very proud of him.

When it comes to Sydney. Whenever we see a grade on her paper. We all get excited. Last week she worked on her math assignment. It was tough. I knew she understood the concepts but still needed  two prompts from me.

Yesterday, she came home with her graded homework assignment. I was so glad to see red when I looked at her paper. Her teacher graded the assignment and showed her the mistakes that she made.

Also, in her folder was her quiz from math class. Her grade was 80%. This was great to see. Syd is working hard to show her teachers that she can learn.

I admit that I am sad that she is not on the diploma track. Did I make the right decision? She is maturing and learning so many skills inside and outside of the classroom. None of this would have been possible. If I didn’t push for inclusion for Sydney.

Each day I pray that Harrison and Sydney continue to work hard. It is easy to focus on how my kids compare to others children. That is the biggest mistake that I can make. Every child is different and successful. Embrace it!



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