Is That You Satan?


They say everything happens for a reason. Do you believe that is true? I grew up blaming everything on the devil when something didn’t go my way. Especially when something bad happened to me. I would hear people say. “ That’s nothing but the devil.” Or “Get behind me satan.” “That’s nothing but the trick of the enemy.”

Over the past few years. I have realized that things just happen for a reason. This week I was asked to participate in two major events. If you know me. I don’t commit to evening activities during the week. So, for me to agree to attend. It was pretty important to me.

Well, I missed the first event because I was not feeling well. And instead of pushing myself. I listened to the signs of my body. What would I miss? I needed to be there. This was my chance to network and share. Then I realized that there will always be another opportunity.  But it was hard not to keep beating myself up over my choice not to attend.

The second event would have been such an honor. I was invited to a movie premier about a high school student with autism. I was asked to sit on the panel to participate in the Q&A session following the movie. You know I love to talk. I was ready.

My stomach felt terrible. It was not my nerves or panic. I just didn’t feel great. As I thought about picking up the kids and driving to Wilmington in rush hour traffic to make it to the movie by 6:30. I felt sick. Then not getting home until almost 10:00 p.m. That was not happening.

It was the trick of the devil right? No, it just wasn’t my timing. Other opportunities are in my future. I will be ready when they appear.  The next day I checked my email. The director wanted to make sure that I would attend the next movie screening.  And I quickly responded that I would love to participate. After all, everything really does happen for a reason.






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