ALEX AND ANI, We Need To Talk


We all love those silver and bronze ALEX AND ANI bracelets. Maybe it is because of the company’s eco friendly jewelry beliefs. Or is it the daily motivation that they share on social media.

One day I decided to contact ALEX AND ANI, because I had several questions. Mommy always told me if you want to know something. You have to ask.

I inquired about where they get their daily motivation and quotes from. Who is the genius behind these quick quotes? A representative told me that the company has a team of writers that handle the daily quotes.

She even told me that they were hiring and that I should check the website. Surprisingly, there were several jobs that I was qualified for, but they were in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

I admit I look forward to the daily motivation they share promptly at 7:00 am each day. The problem I had, was that some days they are slackers and don’t post at all.

So, one day as I was waiting for the ALEX AND ANI post of the day. I began to think. I should be writing my own daily motivation one liners to share with the world. That reminded me of a journal that I had from years ago.


The pages are filled with one line motivational sentences that may inspire others. Yes, I will continue to share ALEX AND ANI. But I realized that I have a little motivation of my own to share too.

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