A Special Occasion

After my divorce I realized that I don’t need to wait for a special occasion to celebrate. I have Sydney to thank, because she likes to use the China for breakfast! I always saved the China for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Why was I waiting? Each day I am alive, there is something for me … More A Special Occasion

How Long?

I don’t know about you but I’m good at lip service. Trouble don’t last always. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. This too shall pass. I say these statements at times and I don’t believe them. My question is how long do I have to battle this situation? How much longer do … More How Long?

Follow The Leader

When you hear the words professional development your face may look differently at different phases in your teaching career. I admit I feel professionally developed after 22 years of teaching. A few weeks ago I walked into professional development with an open mind. It is always a scramble for me when the kids don’t have … More Follow The Leader

It’s Game Day

Being on a team means everything. Teamwork is the only way to win. What happens when you get cut from the team? What happens when you have to play solo? You put on your game face. This makes me think about sports teams as they enter the stadium on game day. Many are sharply dressed. … More It’s Game Day