Just Get Over It


I really hope she answers the phone. I need to talk with someone. If I call mommy. She will only worry. I can’t talk with her now. She will hear the pain in my voice. I am not doing a good job at hiding the pain in my life right now.

What time is it anyway? She’s not answering. So, I am packing the kids up and going to her house. She will have to let us in when I ring her doorbell. This must be the lowest point in my life. If it is not. Then I don’t want to experience anything more painful than what I am going through right now.

Maybe I should just turn the car around and go back home. No, she would be there for me. She said she is there for me day or night. So here goes.

The kids are probably confused. I hate doing this to them. But I needed to get out of the house. I really didn’t want to be home when he returned. I needed space to breathe. My head is spinning.

I need help getting through this. She better not use her famous line. Get over it. This is too much shit to just get over.



This is  an excerpt from my book.  I am very close to finalizing things.  But nervous as well. Praying for clarity, wisdom and discernment.

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