And Then There’s Jenny From The Block!

I know that I could write a blog about all of my coworkers at school. They have all touched me in a different way. Many will joke and say “Brooke, that’s a blog topic right there.” “Brooke did I make the blog?” Some will say, “Please don’t blog about this Brooke.” Since I’ve been back … More And Then There’s Jenny From The Block!

Just Get Over It

I really hope she answers the phone. I need to talk with someone. If I call mommy. She will only worry. I can’t talk with her now. She will hear the pain in my voice. I am not doing a good job at hiding the pain in my life right now. What time is it … More Just Get Over It

Love is …..

How would you complete that sentence starter? Would you finish it with a scripture reference on love? Or would you speak from your heart. I’ve been thinking about the definition of love lately. There are so many definitions of love that come to my mind. First, I think about the love that God has for … More Love is …..