Decisions, Decisions


I don’t know about you. But when it comes to making decisions, it is a hard task for me. I can’t just think about myself. Harrison and Sydney are major factors in every daily decision that I make.

That means sometimes putting my dreams on hold. This week I have been asked to make a major decision. I’ve matured, because usually I would call my girls and give them the 411. Not this time.

I kept quiet. I prayed. Finally, I asked mommy and daddy for their opinions. It was in that moment talking to them. I felt a sense of peace.

Before I was feeling anger, and resentment because of the decision I would have to make. But in the end. That calm feeling of the presence of God was my confirmation.

If you are facing a decision in your life today. Pray about it. But don’t tell everyone about it. You will have peace in your heart when you make your decision.

Always remember that our steps are ordered by God. Your time will come and so will your breakthrough.

Love you,

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