And The Plot Thickens


I can’t believe that Mommy and Daddy drove to visit us in Michigan. I’m not sure that Rob will come around since my family is in town. I think I am moving to Delaware. I am not sure. But I need to clean out this house. Just in case we need to move quickly.

Well, I know we are going to Delaware for two weeks for a vacation. So I need to pack things for the kids. I wish Sydney would stop screaming. The Toy Story DVD is not working and I am ready to scream. Harrison has a new game so he is fine. He will be leaving soon to go to a friend’s house. I love that kid. All he wants is a family. But I can’t give him that right now.

When the phone rings I jump. I don’t answer the landline anymore. I really don’t feel like talking to anyone. Just four months ago I was enjoying a four-day trip to New York with my Foley girls. Now I am filing for a divorce and ready to resign from my current teaching job.

Garbage day is tomorrow and this is my opportunity. I am going to get rid of everything that reminds me of my marriage and 14 years in this house. I can do this. But I can’t show any emotion in front of mommy and daddy.

In one hand I had a box of contractor bags. I put my braids in a ponytail and put on a red bandana, like Rosie the Riveter. I started in the basement. I put my music on. I fought back tears as I filled the bags. Our engagement picture was the first thing to go. I wanted to keep the frame. Did I do that? I broke the frame like I was The Karate Kid.

Every bag I filled. I dragged it upstairs and down the gravel driveway to the curb. Mommy asked if I needed help. I just told her to watch Syd for me. Look at this steel golf case I bought him for Father’s Day. When he thought he was Tiger Woods. Now it’s trash. Along with the Calloway clubs that you left behind. I’ve made several trips so far. And it looks like we are being evicted. “Hello, Mrs. Jenkins everything is fine. You can go back inside.” God bless Mrs. Jenkins. I will miss her when we move.

My adrenaline has me moving. I am using strength that I didn’t know that I had. I know my body will be sore tomorrow.  The quicker I put things out. The quicker people were taking it. At one point it looked like a Sanford and Son reunion with all of the trucks taking our belongings. Thank goodness the kids aren’t witnessing this.

Mommy is looking at me now. Hours have passed and I am still hauling this stuff to the curb. As I stared at our possessions lined in a row. Part of me wanted to set fire to all of it. I don’t like using matches and I am not jail material.  I quickly decided against that.

The sad part is that this is just the beginning. Things will only get worse from here. What have I done to my kids? How do I look at them without crying?

Why is my phone still ringing? What does he want now? Decline.

I know just finish the book already!



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