My Parenting Fail


We all have had a parenting fail. Some of us more than others. In the end, we are reminded of  how much we love our children. And how we do all that we can to raise them to be productive citizens.

I advocate for Harrison and Sydney. It has become second nature to me. For the past two years, middle school has been rough for Sydney. Something just wasn’t right and I could not put my finger on it.

Sydney was smart enough to avoid work by asking for a sensory break. She didn’t like hearing the word no. Her communication was her loud screams. I didn’t want to hear from the school while I was teaching. I finally told them please don’t call me during work unless it is seizure related. I know they thought I was ghetto fabulous, but I was too tired to care.

It was very hard being told that my child had to be restrained. Then I return to my second graders at the time and continue to  teach. I am good, but not that good.

In May, I had to have a one on one with Sydney. This was not my proudest parenting moment. But I think it made a difference in her life.

My exact words were, “Syd, I need you to stop acting crazy at school!” The fact that she looked at me and rolled her eyes. Let me know that she knew exactly what I meant. I explained to her that she is smart. And if she wants to be included she had to find a better way to deal with her emotions.

Show your teachers you can read, write and answer math problems. I wanted her included with her peers, not just in the cafe. Syd needed to model appropriate behavior. In order for her to do that.  She had to be included.

From summer school until now. Sydney has done well at school. She is greeting people, participating more and she is not in the sensory room all day. Her butt is in the classroom working.

Did I have to call her crazy? Probably not. Tough love is needed sometimes. Not only did Sydney shock her teachers and the staff this year. She continues to amaze me with her love of learning. Now everyone go and knock on wood. So the school doesn’t call me today.

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